Consul 1.2.1 发布,服务发现和配置共享软件

发布于 2018年07月16日
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HashiCorp Consul 1.2.1 已发布,这是一个维护版本:


  • acl: Prevented multiple ACL token refresh operations from occurring simultaneously. [GH-3524]

  • acl: Add async-cache down policy mode to always do ACL token refreshes in the background to reduce latency. [GH-3524]

  • proxy: Pass through HTTP client env vars to managed proxies so that they can connect back to Consul over HTTPs when not serving HTTP. [PR-4374]

  • connect: Persist intermediate CAs on leader change. [PR-4379]


  • api: Intention APIs parse error response body for error message. [GH-4297]

  • agent: Intention read endpoint returns a 400 on invalid UUID [GH-4297]

  • agent: Service registration with "services" does not error on Connect upstream configuration. [GH-4308]

  • dns: Ensure that TXT RRs dont get put in the Answer section for A/AAAA queries. [GH-4354]

  • dns: Ensure that only 1 CNAME is returned when querying for services that have non-IP service addresses. [PR-4328]

  • api: Fixed issue where Lock and Semaphore would return earlier than their requested timeout when unable to acquire the lock. [GH-4003], [GH-3262], [GH-2399]

  • watch: Fix issue with HTTPs only agents not executing watches properly [GH-4358]

  • agent: Managed proxies that bind to now get a health check on a sane IP [GH-4301]

  • server: (Consul Enterprise) Fixed an issue causing Consul to panic when network areas were used

  • license: (Consul Enterprise) Fixed an issue causing the snapshot agent to log erroneous licensing errors


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